Rolling Stone has released its year-end “Top 10” and “Best Of The Rest” lists. The 97’s Satellite Rides makes the B.O.T.R. list with other “also rans” like Paul McCartney, Macy Gray, R.E.M., Weezer, New Order and Ryan Adams. Senior R.S. critic David Fricke writes:

Old 97’s

Satellite Rides


Old 97’s singer Rhett Miller writes stone-country, lovin’-and-cheatin’ tunes for urban canyon dwellers. The band rocks these songs like a runaway subway train. Born in Dallas, Old 97’s are truly gifted in the Nashville arts. But they were wearing New York plates when they made this baby. then posted a more ecumenical “Critics’ Top Albums of 2001,” where the 97’s pop up several more times:


2. The Old 97’s, Satellite Rides (Elektra): Like Wilco, they’ve moved way beyond the limiting alternative country genre to create an album that would have sounded right at home during the glory days of British and New York new wave.


3. The The Old 97’s, Satellite Rides (Elektra): Alt-country by way of the Lower East Side, Rhett Miller’s melodies and vocals are earnest and urgent and just right.

Finally, R.S. critic Gail Worley chimes in with what may be, for the Old 97’s, the best endorsement ever:


7. The Old 97’s, Satellite Rides (Elektra): Because their fans are violent maniacs!

Happy New Year y’all! See you at the shows.

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