As a shameless techno-geek, you had to guess that it wouldn’t take too long before Hit By A Train joined the blog (“web log”) revolution. And we have. As of today all new news posts are being made via “So what?” you ask, “Who needs 15 posts a day on the relative merits of twang versus bang?” Well, no one probably. But there’s this too: For the first time since Ken Bethea turned over the keys to this website, back in 2000, the Old 97’s themselves again have instant and unfiltered access to their own home page.

So you never know, posts from a 97 might pop up here anytime. Unfortunately, blogging technology doesn’t yet allow the “Tourdates” page or the little “What’s New” pop-up window to be updated too, though in the months ahead, I’ll try to come up with some workable formatting to do just that. Still, I’ll update the show dates and “what’s new” window each time I personally update the site, and whenever I notice that one of the guys has updated the news page.

But it might be worth it to click on the “news” link when you visit HBAT, just to see of one of the guys has checked in. Let the blogging begin!

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