Remember the post below about Much Music’s “Oven Fresh” video voting. The actual voting starts Monday (not sure what time) and goes through Thursday with the winners being picked Friday. Well, my family’s political motto is “Vote Early, Vote Often” and there’s certainly no reason not to vote more than once for Rhett’s video for “Come Around.”

The method below might be a little bit of work, but it works and produces results — and it is all for Rhettster.

1) Go to and go to the ‘Oven Fresh’ section

2) Click on Rhett Miller’s video, (wait for new window to open) and click ‘Keep It’

3) Close all Much Music windows (hence all Internet browsers that have the Much Music site open in)

4) Find the ‘Cookies’ folder on your computer. If you don’t know where that is, you can try going to Start->Search and search for ‘cookie’, and the ‘Cookies’ folder should be a search result.

5) Go into your ‘Cookies’ folder and delete something that should look like ‘yourID’@php[1]. The ‘yourID’ will be an ID for you; something personal. HINT: Sort the cookies by date and look at the most recent ones, ‘yourID’@php[1] should be there if you’re voting right now — and I assume you are.

6) Open up a new Internet browser, and repeat from step 1

7) yeah so it’s a bit of work, but there’s no need to parachute in with squads of lawyers, there are no messy recounts, and no butterfly ballots. And we pick the winner! Let’s get busy shall we?