Early this afternoon, Rhett discovered that he will be the musical guest this Friday night on Late Night with Conan O’Brien. So set those VCR’s! P.S. – So several hours after I made this post, I discovered that the news and tourdates pages were MIA. And when I attempted to upload them again, discovered that HBAT’s web-hosting firm (, a division of Interland. If you ever sign up with this outfit, it proves you’re nothing but a trouble-grubbing masochist.) mistakenly believed that the site had suddenly exceeded its “disk quota,” or size limit. Until this problem is fixed, any page I attempt to upload here will fail. Sorry about that kids. Just take it from me, avoid and Interland Web Hosting like a crazed, falafel-mongering shoe-bomber runs from a degreed woman. In a halter top. OK, so maybe that ain’t the greatest analogy, but you get the idea. They’re bad. Oh yeah, Rhett sounded *great* last night!

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