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11 Dec, 2003

Arrived hark herald angels sing and in


ARRIVED - Hark the herald angels sing, and in the Miller household they've been heralding the arrival on Maxwell Iahn Miller, all nine pounds of whom joined the rest of us on November 15. And like the rest of the second generation 97's, he's truly one beautiful baby. I think, however, that all the papa's involved will admit to having married extremely well. DUE - A new Old 97's album, damnit. The good news is - or rather, the good rumors are - that the 97's will hit the studio in February to wax a late Summer of '04 release.

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18 Sep, 2003

Ah september


Ah, September. A chill is in the air, and like salmon, the Old 97's now make their way upstream back to Texas to molt and spawn. OK, bad analogy. The only salmon that show up in Texas do so rolled in seaweed and rice, or packed in a can. And I'm pretty sure no molting is in the offing, and the spawning's in the Spring. Oh well. BUT, 97's-related shows are filling in the calendar nicely, thank you. The latest? Murry Mr. Hammond and his lovely and talented bride, Grey DeLisle, take the stage at Dallas' All Good Cafe, TONIGHT,

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26 Aug, 2003

Theyre alive last week rhett dropped


They're alive! Last week, Rhett dropped and line and to say "that the projected release for the new 97's album has been pushed back to early '04. This is due to uncertainty about what label it will appear on, Murry and Grey's travel schedule in October, and my son's looming birth..." So while it's OK to be a bit bummed, you gotta admit there are some good causes. Also, as 2003 marks the Old 97's 10 year anniversary as a band, there's a decent possibility of an Anniversary show, perhaps one in Dallas around the time of the 97's appearance

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19 Jul, 2003

So 97s will have their next album


So the 97's will have their next album completed... this FALL??? Hmm, many thanks to sharp-eyed Wrecker Brian Sanderlin who spotted this nugget in the July 18 Chicago Tribune: ON STAGE THEATER & MUSIC MUSIC NOTES Miller finding a second wind Singer poised on cusp of stardom By Allison Stewart Special to the Tribune July 18, 2003 Rhett Miller, solo artist and occasional frontman of the alt-country quartet the Old 97's, has a baby on the way, which partly explains his recent string of unorthodox, but potentially lucrative career choices. They include an opening slot on the Tori Amos tour,

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1 Jul, 2003

So how in heck have you guys been eh


So how in the heck have you guys been, eh? I've been running Hit By A Train since 1997, and this has been by far the longest break between news updates. Of course with the band on quasi-hiatus, there just ain't been a lot of news to report. The boys did make some great appearances in Big D hereabouts back in April. Ken and Philip even popped in to turn the Ranchero Brothers show at the Barley House into a full fledged double bill, with the 97's in effect opening for the Rancheros! The only thing missing? Hearing songs the

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25 Apr, 2003

Murry recently checked recently in


Murry recently checked recently in with news on the 97's front: "The 97's are reconvening in May to sit down with lists and guitars and start talking seriously about the next album, and I want to have some songs in my pocket. I told them I'm shooting for four on this one! We'll see. I think I can pull it off." And Murry also seem to be a more or less full-time member of wife Grey's DeLisle's band, "The Homewreckers," who are currently in the midst of recording a follow-up to Grey's 2001 Homewrecker, this time with Todd Burke, who

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27 Mar, 2003

I just received this from ken


I just received this from Ken. It needs to be up here: This morning I was reading through the Dallas Morning News. Basketball tourney first, then some general sports, the comics (specifically Peanuts), weather, and the metropolitan section. I finished with war news. On the bottom of a page was a picture of a marine carrying a little injured Iraqi boy. The boy wasn't wearing any pants. He looked so scared. I haven't been able to stop thinking about him all morning. I have a little boy about the same age. Mine gets scared when his balloon pops. I'm not

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22 Mar, 2003

If youve ever caught magic at ranchero


If you've ever caught the magic at a Ranchero Brothers show, you know that Rhett and Murry spin out some of the finest folk-pop harmonies this side of classic Simon & Garfunkel. That said, Cathy M. reminds you to keep ears open for a new MasterCard commercial, set to premier during Sunday's Oscar telecast. Singing S&G's "Homeward Bound" will be none other than Rhett Miller, and one can hope this might also make the occasional playlist at his solo shows. Still, short of a live appearance by one or all 97's, I'll again be missing our annual celebration of vacuous,

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21 Feb, 2003

Heres some rhett news you can you can


Here's some Rhett news you can you can use, especially if you live in or near Memphis. On February 27, Rhett and Memphis' WMPS are throwing a private concert in one very intimate and cool venue: The Capriccio Bar in the grand old Peabody Hotel in downtown Memphis. This show is a private event for fans and listeners, so tickets are not for sale. If you'd like to attend, you can register to win tickets - and get full details - at Date: Thursday, February 27, 2003 Location: Peabody Hotel's Capriccio Bar in Downtown Memphis 149 Union Avenue; Memphis,

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12 Feb, 2003

From old 97s i love math skinsman and


From Old 97's & I Love Math skinsman and proud papa Philip Peeples comes this: "This Saturday, February 15, is the 'I Love Math' CD release date with an in store at Good Records at 4:00 pm. Then, later that night, the official CD release show at the Barley House, where else? Hope to see you soon," Philip Whaddya mean you haven't seen I Love Math yet? They put on a great fun and tuneful show. You miss 'em, it's your loss!

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