If you’ve ever caught the magic at a Ranchero Brothers show, you know that Rhett and Murry spin out some of the finest folk-pop harmonies this side of classic Simon & Garfunkel. That said, Cathy M. reminds you to keep ears open for a new MasterCard commercial, set to premier during Sunday’s Oscar telecast. Singing S&G’s “Homeward Bound” will be none other than Rhett Miller, and one can hope this might also make the occasional playlist at his solo shows. Still, short of a live appearance by one or all 97’s, I’ll again be missing our annual celebration of vacuous, walking eating disorders, and coke-addled heartthrobs. As such, you guys will have to let me know how it sounds, but should an MP3 of the commertcial grace grace my e-mail box, I’ll be sure to post it with credit given.