ARRIVED – Hark the herald angels sing, and in the Miller household they’ve been heralding the arrival on Maxwell Iahn Miller, all nine pounds of whom joined the rest of us on November 15. And like the rest of the second generation 97’s, he’s truly one beautiful baby. I think, however, that all the papa’s involved will admit to having married extremely well.

DUE – A new Old 97’s album, damnit. The good news is – or rather, the good rumors are – that the 97’s will hit the

studio in February to wax a late Summer of ’04 release.

DONE – The Old 97’s have new mangement, which they share with Kings of Leon, Lyle Lovett, Emmylou Harris among others. It is, I believe, Vector Management out of Nashville, and according to both Ken and Murry, the new guys are extremely enthusiastic about getting the boys back in the studio and out on the road, and the band is just as enthusiastic about the new mangement.

COMING SOON – The Old 97’s are hitting the road again! January will see the boys kick off a mini-tour, and if the past is any guide, these sets should feature some the the tunes the guys are working up for inclusion in their upcoming CD. And while they may return to the road in March and April to warm up for a full fledged tour latter in the year, miss these January shows at your peril!