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8 Nov, 2004

Ok here we go


Ok, here we go. After a two year hiatus thanks to server storage and bandwidth issues, and technical problems with RealAudio encoding software, we've got sound files back up. And this time, "Hit By A Train" is building a bridge to the... uhm... twentieth century, with... mp3's! That's right, no more RealAudio files! Now it's rip, mix, and burn, baby. First check out the "Audio" page of the Discography section, where for each Old 97's studio album we now have at least two of the tracks available for downloading in mp3 format. Maybe some of you fans of the band's

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7 Nov, 2004

Hey im home for nine straight days


Hey I'm home for nine straight days, which will be my longest break in nearly two years, so stand by for some major site updates. In the meantime, check the Tour Dates page for two new Rhett solo shows and - get your party on - the Old 97's New Years Eve show is BACK! Also, shame if you missed the guys October 30 show in Dallas, celebrating the ten year anniversary of the release of Hitchhike To Rhome. I was sober enough for the first half of the show to rank it as one of my two favorite 97

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29 Oct, 2004

Damn man sorry about long delay between


Damn, man, sorry about the long delay between posts, but the job's been running me all over the place and running me ragged. OK, so remember I promised a big pile-o-new Old 97's .mp3's? Well, they're not here yet but we've finally gotten all our sever and bandwidth issue addressed, so now all I have to do is upload these babies, including a nifty couple of rarities. Check back in the next few days. And I actually have a ton of news, but I'm so far behind let's just start with this nugget, shall we? From today's Dallas Observer: Miller

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6 Oct, 2004

Some updates on upcoming shows deathray


Some updates on upcoming shows: The Deathray Davies will now be joining the bill with the Old 97's for the Indianapolis, Columbus, Louisville, and Atlanta shows (October 26, 27, 28, 29), and the October 24 show at the Rave in Milwaukee will feature a pre-show party, on a side stage, where fans who get to the venue a bit early can enjoy a beverage and catch some live music. Also before the Old 97's October 18 show in Portland, you can catch them at an in-store performance at Music Millennium (801 NW 23rd. St.) at 6:30 pm. Finally, I'm sure

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5 Oct, 2004

Hey you guys drag it up is gonna be


Hey you guys, Drag It Up is gonna be around for a good while yet, and we'd sure like to help keep up the buzz, on campus and around town, especially when the 97's head your way for live shows, and when they release new songs to radio. One of the best ways to do that is with a street team, which is nothing more than people who love the band, and who want to help spread the word. Well, Brenda Hall is coordinating the street team for the Old 97's, and she'd like our help. If you have suggestions

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5 Oct, 2004

So printed on itinerary of 97s recent


So printed on the itinerary of the 97's recent swing through NYC was this unexplained nugget: 9/23: Rhett... to Tom Wolfe book interview Location: National Lampoon Network ***NOTE: this will be filmed for National Lampoon Network's AV Squad (600 colleges - 4.5 million students). Tom's book ("I Am Charlotte Simmons" - f.e.) releases 11/9. The audio part of this interview will be serviced to non-comm radio (college/NPR). Book examines college life. Rhett Miller and Tom Wolfe? You mean the (in)famously (over)dressed Tom Wolfe of "The Right Stuff," "The Bonfire of the Vanities," "The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test," and a personal

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2 Oct, 2004

If you use my yahoo news service and


If you use the My Yahoo news service and want to keep up with the latest Old 97's news from Hit By A Train and, well now you can add us to your My Yahoo page! At the top of your My Yahoo page, click on the link that reads "Get the Beta Today!" None of your settings or choices will change, but you'll then migrate over to the new My Yahoo format, which supports site feeds via RSS and Atom. Then just click here! It it takes just fifteen seconds to make sure you have the latest Old

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29 Sep, 2004

This just in fresh date was added today


This just in: A fresh date was added today to the Drag It Up tour. It's at Little Brothers in Columbus, Ohio, on October 27th. Be there!

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29 Sep, 2004

So how bout them live shows


So how 'bout them live shows. There was that great big photo of Murry, above the fold on the September 20 Austin American-Statesman. And did you guys catch the 97's on McEnroe last week? In addition to "New Kid," the guys let Johnny Mac sidle up on guitar while the boys just tore the hell out of the Ramones' "I Wanna Be Sedated." If you missed the show, you can check it out, courtesy of Dr. David Welsh. He's not just a fan, a doctor, scholar, and a gentlemen, but he's also got a server that's about to crash. Sorry

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27 Sep, 2004

After vowing never to do tour diary or


After vowing never to do a tour diary - or at least not to blog on tour - Rhett gives in. For his hometown paper. But hey, we'll take it! More tomorrow. I promise. This is what I do By Rhett Miller (Original publication: September 23, 2004) Chicago - Wednesday, Sept. 8 I land at Chicago O'Hare Airport a little after 3 p.m. Stewart Airport, my little Hudson Valley hometown airport, flies exclusively to Chicago where you can connect to any flight going anywhere, so I feel like I live in Chicago O'Hare, which makes the fact that I get

After vowing never to do tour diary or2004-09-27T23:40:00-05:00
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