The Old 97’s album is halfway done! No title yet. Thus far it’s shaping up as a bit of a throwback to Wreck Your Life era content but with a much fuller sound, and less poppy than both Fight Songs and Satellite Rides. And Rhett is playing solo at a bunch of festival dates this Spring and Summer, many supporting P.O.D., and others on what might be described as more-or-less Christian music festival bills. That’s all cool, and in fact shows me that there are still some booking agents out there with eclectic and impeccable musical taste. I just don’t get the lineups, that’s all. Also, to answer the questions I’m starting to get: Yes, “Hit By A Train, ” a.k.a. this website, will be getting a major overhaul to coincide with the release of the upcoming Old 97’s album, thanks for asking!

I’ll have more news word and tour dates posted when I get home.