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June 1, 2004

Did you know…

…That you can already pre-order your copy of Drag It Up right here!

…And you can pre-order you Old 97’s show tickets right here!

…And that three songs recorded but not included on Drag It Up were: “She Loves the Sunset”, “Wreck of the Old 97”, and a cover of the Beatles “I’ll Cry Instead”? Makes you pine for a time when record companies made “B-Sides,” no?

…And that the Old 97’s also have a DVD coming soon? That’s right. Tentatively titled “Live at the Troubadour,” the DVD will document the way the Old 97’s have to be seen to be fully appreciated: Live and on-stage.

…And finally, that you can get yourself dinner, a soundcheck, and a a show with the Old 97’s? Check this out, from the good folks at Twangfest:

A Night with Old 97’s: Soundcheck, Dinner, and a Gig!

Join the band for a show on the 2004 tour. YOU and your GUEST will get:

– Admission to an Old 97s show of your choice on the 2004 Tour, starting on July 1st. See for up-to-the-minute details on tour dates this summer and fall in support of the soon-to-be-released album, “Drag It Up.”

– Access to the band’s soundcheck before the show. Sure, you’ll find out just how long it takes to get the drum levels right, but you may also catch songs you’ll never hear during the regular show!

– After soundcheck, join guitarist Ken Bethea, and other band members who may be available, for a typical pre-show dinner of Mickey’s Big Mouths and corn chips, with the band picking up the tab. OK, we’re kidding about the beer and chips, but not about the dinner.

– A guaranteed opportunity to meet the whole band and have your merchandise signed. If you’re an Old 97’s fan, this is one heck of a sweet package. And since it’s good for two, you can always split your cost with a friend or loved one. Best of all, every bit of the proceeds go to benefit Twangfest, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and preserving the best of roots, pop, country, and rock. Check us out at!

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