Here and here they come, St. Louis!

Also, you’ll note a new link under the picture of the Old 97’s at left. It reads Hit By A Train Atom news feed, and it’s meant for those of you who keep up on late breaking web news with an .xml news reader, like the many music news writers, sites, and publications which reference in creating their content. Now with Atom syndication, Blogger will automatically generate a machine-readable version of this page which can be picked up and displayed in a variety of ways, including newsreaders, web sites and even some handheld devices. There are already loads of newsreaders that support Atom, including NewsMonster, NewzCrawler, NewsGator, NetNewsWire, Shrook, RSSOwl and BottomFeeder. However, as time allows, I’ll also working up an RSS Feed for those of you who may prefer that format.

Now for the vast majority of visitors, all of this won’t matter to you at all, but for those of you who depend on having the latest news now, here’s hoping the new Old 97’s news feed will help you out. Cheers!

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