TONS of news and reviews up today, kids! First up here’s a feature story with the guys in the Birmingham News, and one crackling review from the same.

There’s also this mini-review from Maxim:

August 2004

Old 97’s

Drag It Up

(New West)


Anyone who says they don’t like the Old 97’s hasn’t bothered to give them a listen. It’s not that their rootsy country rock is brilliant; it’s just so damn agreeable. That isn’t a backhanded compliment: Shuffling backbeats and twangy guitars are a dime a dozen; but on Drag It Up there’s always a killer hook driving them home. Looks like middle of the road ain’t always a no-man’s land. – David Peisner

Plus here’s another mini-review from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, and a nifty feature story from the Cincinnati Tribune about the 97’s recent Cincy gig, and yet another feature, this from Knoxville’s Metro Pulse. And finally, here’s two scanned feature stories (thanks to Carey Ann!) one from a Cincinnati weekly, about the Newport show, and this one an article from a St. Louis weekly. More soon, maybe even today!