There’s two great 97’s stories out of Chicago this week, as the band preps to kick off the second leg of their Drag It Up touring. First up is the Chicago Sun-Times. Next up is a quickie interview with Rhett Miller from, a feature of the Chicago Tribune.

Also, while the day job has kept me from posting as many new Old 97’s photos as I’d like, Alex Myers is on the ball, with some excellent live shots from recent Old 97’s shows. The pics are great so let’s crash this server!

Speaking of picutes, it’s hard to imagine any graduate of a certain prestigious Dallas prep school actually needing the dough, but at least one of them, maybe two, have decided to auction off their old yearbooks online. Big deal, right? I think so too, except for the fact that that the selling point on both is that they feature baby-faced photos of two students who’ve done pretty well – one Rhett Miller and one Luke Wilson. The 1986 pic of a freshman Rhett is especially priceless. But since not many people like their old photo’s being passed around, I won’t post the URL. Nor will I post that old publicity photo of Rhett and Murry taken when they were two-thirds of the pre-97’s popsters, Sleepy Heroes, in which Rhett is showing nipple. But if I ever need money… Kidding. I kid.

Finally, you know that October 30 show at Dallas’ Granada Theater? Rumor is that this will be a two-set, Tenth Anniversary show for the guys’ debut album, Hitchhike To Rhome, where for the first set, the band will play Hitchhike start to finish (though probably not including the 10:56 gap between “Ken’s Polka Thing” and the hidden track, “Tupelo County Jail.” 😉 then a second set with everything since, including a big slab of Drag It Up. At least that’s what Ken Bethea’s reportedly said on at least one recent occasion. So when’s the last time you heard the band roll out the “Old 97’s Theme” or “Desperate Times”? And you’re gonna miss that? I thought not. More soon!

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