So how ’bout them live shows. There was that great big photo of Murry, above the fold on the September 20 Austin American-Statesman. And did you guys catch the 97’s on McEnroe last week? In addition to “New Kid,” the guys let Johnny Mac sidle up on guitar while the boys just tore the hell out of the Ramones’ “I Wanna Be Sedated.” If you missed the show, you can check it out, courtesy of Dr. David Welsh. He’s not just a fan, a doctor, scholar, and a gentlemen, but he’s also got a server that’s about to crash. Sorry Doc.

And speaking of good things in New York, within a few hours – as soon as I can get them formatted and uploaded – you can catch a few snaps of the 97’s Irving Plaza gig, along with new photos of the band in July at Summerfest, Taste of Chicago, the Abbey Pub, and at Dallas’ Gypsy Tea Room, all on the Photo Page.

And did anyone else see this? It was reported on on the Wrecked message board that there was an out-of-the-blue plug for the guys on ESPN’s SportsCenter the morning of September 23. “During the Phillies/Marlins highlights the anchor (may have been Scott Van Pelt, not sure; I was in a rush) led in to a highlight of a Mike Liberthal home run with ‘Just like the Old 97s on their fall tour, Mike Liberthal is just plain gettin’ it done!'”

The New York Times, among many others, seems to agree. OK, gotta run to an appointment. More tonight!