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4 Dec, 2005

Man oh man


Man oh man. L-tryptophan is a beyotch, no? Between the turkey, trimmings, and the new job, your webmaster done nothing the past few weeks besides eat, sleep, and study, with no in between. Until today that is, when Ken Bethea was nice enough to suggest that I... uhm... get off my butt and get some tour dates posted! And he's right. So, are you looking for some New Years festivities? Well here you go: The Old 97's are blowing the lid off Austin's La Zona Rosa on December 29th and then return to Dallas' Gypsy Tea Room on December 30.

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20 Oct, 2005

Verve forecast has its new rhett miller


Verve Forecast has it's new Rhett Miller page up, chock full of good info on his upcoming solo CD (The Believer, due in February '06) as well as an extended interview. Check it out. Also, don't miss Part 2 of the podcast with Ken Bethea. North Texas music fans, I think you're really gonna dig the shows the guys at dconstruction are putting on line. I certainly am.

Verve forecast has its new rhett miller2005-10-20T23:11:00-05:00
19 Oct, 2005

I love this review of alive and wired


I love this review of Alive and Wired (Or A&W as it's being called on Old 97's message boards). Plus, check out two new Rhett shows in November. Finally, don't forget to check out the first of a two-part podcast interview with Ken Bethea from the good folks at Cheers!

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10 Oct, 2005

The 97s have three city five gig west


The the 97's have a three city, five-gig, West Coast mini-tour lined up for November. Do you have your tickets yet? And certainly you've picked up Alive & Wired by now? If not, here's what you're missing.At a recent solo show, Rhett let slip that his upcoming solo-album is titled The Believer, and that it's due for a February, 2006 release. Long-time fans of Rhett and Ranchero Brothers live shows will recognize one of the songs on Rhett's new album as a long-time classic-in-waiting, called "Firefly." On The Believer, you'll hear sung it as a duet with Rachel Yamagata. Oddly

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8 Oct, 2005

I know i know i know


I know, I know, I know. It's been too long. Unfortunately, the airline bidness has been nasty to your webmaster the past couple of weeks - mainly his job went away, and he's been out looking for another. That's the reason this is showing up so late, but it's especially for you SoCal folks, it's something you don't want to miss: a wonderful evening of music, providing relief from Burbank to the Bayou. Here's Murry:It's a benefit for Katrina, Rita and a couple of home organizations that Grey and I are doing. Going to be a regular gig - a

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1 Sep, 2005

Please try and do something


Please, try and do something. Here are a just few ways you can help the hundreds of thousands of victims of Katrina:(And if you have others, we're happy to consider posting those too)American Red Cross1-800-HELP NOW (435-7669)America’s Second Harvest1-800-344-8070 Catholic Charities, USA1-800-919-9338 Corporation for National and Community Service Disaster Relief Fund(202) 606-6718 Feed the Children1-800-525-7575 Salvation Army 1-800-SAL-ARMY (725-2769) United Jewish Communities1-877-277-2477For more possibilities please visit the National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (NVOAD).

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26 Aug, 2005

Rhett announced bunch of new solo show


Rhett announced a bunch of new solo-show tour dates today. Check 'em out here!

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24 Aug, 2005

Howdy kids you got your calendars out


Howdy kids! You got your calendars out? Good, 'cause we need to mark up the month of September. First, at long last, and after what? ...eleven or twelve years in the making, on September 20, the Old 97's release their first live album, a double CD titled Old 97's - Alive and Wired. How about this track listing?Whadya think of THAT? I thought so. Says Ken Bethea: We tracked 55 and I think we're releasing 31. Of the remaining 24 most where duplicates just to make sure we got nice versions of "Timebomb", etc. The only really good one we

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5 Jul, 2005

So yeah im late


So yeah, I'm late. Can I make it up to you with the biggest update in months? Thanks, that's nice of you. Can I touch you there? OK, sorry. On with the news then. See one of the reasons I'm late is that in the never-ending quest to provide you only with quality Old 97's news you can use, I usually don't just make stuff up. Usually. And this is one of those times; as when I heard the following tidbits, I had to wait for confirmation from the guys.So whadya want first, the good news or the bad news?

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18 Jun, 2005

From san antonio news express old 97s


From the San Antonio News-Express:Old 97's don't break — but break a sweat — for packed houseRobert JohnsonSan Antonio Express-News Staff WriterNEW BRAUNFELS — "Oh, man, it's hot," said Old 97's singer/guitarist/front man Rhett Miller, stating the obvious to a packed crowd at Gruene Hall Friday night. "But we're rolling tape, so you guys gotta clap like it's 60 degrees."Playing the first of two sold-out shows being recorded for a live album due sometime in 2006, the alt-country quartet charged throught a sweaty two-hour show in the sweltering hall. It turned into something of an endurance contest for both band

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