Howdy everybody! We’ve got dates for some new new live Old 97’s and Rhett Miller shows posted – and rumors of a few more – but by far the most important of them is this one, the announcement cribbed from the good folks at the AllGood Cafe:

Friday, March 11, 2005

DALLAS Rocks For DAVID !!!

Old 97’s
Deathray Davies
Salim Nourallah
Spector 45
Special Appearance by:
Max Stalling

All proceeds to benefit David Cunniff and payment of his extensive medical and rehabilitation costs.

All bands are performing at no cost. This includes out-of-state members of Old 97’s paying their own travel expenses, and all support crews.

Sponsorship to help underwrite production costs is being solicited. Costs include Sound Production and engineers, Stage Lighting, Box Office, Security, Insurance, etc. These costs are between $4000.00 and 5000.00, and can be split according to ability to give.

Advertising space is being donated by Dallas Observer.

Donations are also being requested for a silent auction, to augment the fund-raising effort. Autographed band instruments, CDs, pictures, T-shirts, etc… Dinner/Dining Coupons for area restaurants, Show tickets, services and whatever might help raise more for the cause are needed.

Any interested parties or suggested donors please contact Mike Snider @ 214-348-9426.

Thanks for anything you can do to help make this event special.


Doors at 7PM Tickets $25.00
Available at the Lakewood Theatre box office, AllGood Cafe, And all TICKETMASTER Outlets

Also, we’ve got a couple of new reviews of the Old 97’s Live DVD including this from the Madison (WI) Capital Times:

“Old 97’s Live,” New West Records: The Americana quartet is exuberance personified in this concert DVD, taken from a club show at Los Angeles’ The Troubadour in March of last year. It was one of the first live gigs for the band since singer Rhett Miller took some time off to do his solo album, “The Instigator,” and the chemistry is still as strong as ever.

New songs like “Smokers” and “Won’t Be Home” do just fine, but it’s the old favorites like “Rollerskate Skinny” and “Murder (Or A Heart Attack)” that will make this a worthwhile document for the fan. The footage is often shot from below (probably a necessity in a club setting) looking up at the band, so you feel like you’re really standing there in the first few rows. Fortunately, there’s no dancing guy next to you spilling his beer on your arm.

There’s also this from Amazon:

Old 97’s Live underscores how one of the premier alt-country, No Depression bands of the 1990s has become a truly eclectic, power pop quartet with a gritty folk heart and penchant for lyrical mischief. (“You’re a bottle cap away / From pushing me too far.”) Drawing from each of their six albums, Old 97’s brought the crowd at Santa Monica’s Troubadour club to visible delirium at a March 2004 show; that concert appears here. Sounding very much like hard-charging heirs to vast legacies of the Kinks, Hank Williams, the Replacements, Johnny Cash, REM, and even White Album-era Beatles, singer-songwriter-guitarist Rhett Miller, drummer Philip Peeples, lead guitarist Ken Bethea, and bassist Murry Hammond paint loss with rootsy-poetic authenticity while blowing gloom apart with punky exhilaration. The many highlights include the agreeable pop plaint “Rollerskate Skinny” (“I believe in love / But it don’t believe in me”), the anthemic anti-anthem “Friends Forever,” and Hammond’s moving, acoustic solo on “Valentine.” –Tom Keogh

You guys may have also noted that there’s now a Grammy on the mantle in the home of one Old 97, as Murry’s bride, Grey DeLisle took home a statuette for “Willie We Have Missed You,” her contribution to Beautiful Dreamer: The Songs Of Stephen Foster, which won the 2005 Grammy for Best Traditional Folk Album. (BTW, Murry himself is credited as the “vibe engineer” on Grey’s track, though in a tragic miscarriage of justice, there is no Grammy nominee for the Best Vibe Engineering!) And speaking of… Murry will in all likelihood by joining Grey in most of her upcoming shows… Wait, what do you mean you’ve never heard Grey sing? The shame. Here’s her schedule. Now go!

Ken’s been busy too, last year laying down a wicked solo in the studio on “(I’m Sorry) Caroline,” a cut on So Long Someday, the just released new album from San Francisco’s Firecracker. And this is no gratuitous throwdown, as I first became acquainted with Firecracker’s lead vocalist, Scout, years ago when he was kind enough to serve as an ad hoc, Left Coast correspondent for Hit By A Train, and reviewed several Old 97’s shows for the site.

Finally, what’ll it take, you ask, to get the damn lyrics, chords, and tabs pages back up? Bribery? Threats? Cookies? Complaints to the management? Well some of those have been tried, when in actuality, all that’s needed is me having some free time. For those of you tuning in late, the site is a labor-intensive labor of love, which means I love to do it, but that unlike my day job, it doesn’t actually pay. Also unlike my day job, it doesn’t keep me on the road some twenty-odd days a month. Happily, in the first half of March, I get my first vacation since 2001. (Don’t ask). And guess what’s first on the agenda? Well OK, doing my taxes is first, but second, I’ve got lyrics, chords, and tabs pages ready to roll, along with more news from the Old 97’s. So thanks for checking in and and check back soon!