See, I wasn’t kidding, the Lyrics/Tabs are finally back up. Yeah, OK, so I’m still working on the Drag It Up section, but just getting the java coding tweaked took a few hours, and now that the hard part is done, getting the Drag It Up section included should be cake.

Also, joining a long-line of great line of Old 97’s cover and/or “in cognito” bands, ladies and gentlemen, give it up for the West Texas Teardrops. Here’s Ken Bethea with the explanation over on Hitchhiking:

The West Tx. Teardrops will be playing during SXSW at the Longbranch Inn, at:1133 East 11th on Thursday night (March 17). That’s Philip, Murry and I. I think it’s like 5 bucks, not part of the SXSW stuff. If you’ve
ever met Noah Polk, our T-shirt and drum tech, he works there when not on tour and put this together. Should be fun. I think we’ll do about 18-20 songs including some on Murry’s solo cd he’s working on (and keeping very hush-hush) and some of my Scrap Hotel songs (including “The Bug Song” for all you entomologists.

The Long Branch is pretty small (100?) but it’s near enough to the main SXSW stuff that you can be over and back fairly easily I think. The only suck part is that I don’t know what time we’re playing. I would think around 10:00. If I find out from Noah I’ll post it here.

I hope you can make it to the Cunniff benefit in Dallas next month. It should be fun and the cause, of course, is worth your $$. (Check out this week’s Dallas Observer with lots more on the “Dallas Rocks For David” show – Frank)

Besides the West Texas Teardrops and the previously announced 97’s shows on 3/11 and 3/12, the guys have firmed up some dates for their May mini-tour, which thus far includes St Louis, Chicago, and Cleveland. In addition, Rhett will be playing another solo at San Francisco on Saturday, April 2, at the Swedish Hall, above Cafe du Nord. Check it all out on the Tour Dates page.

Finally, what occurs more often than Hailey’s Comet but less often than the Olympics? Give up? It’s the appearance of a new Old 97’s music video! No kidding. The first was an indie clip for the 1993 version of “St Ignatius,” and the second appeared in 1999 for “Jagged.” Well now their third is up and ready for your viewing pleasure. It’s a directed by Kevin McAlester, and if you had to chose which single off DIU would produce a video, I’ll bet you might not have chosen “In The Satellite Rides A Star.” Why not? Well, while it is drop-dead gorgeous, it’s also slow, mildly trippy, and a Murry-song (TM). But the video is a hoot. Check it out!