They do it this week.

That’s right, the first-ever Old 97’s live album will be recorded at their shows this Friday and Saturday at Gruene Hall, just outside New Braunfels, Texas. It’s one of the most historic venues in the state, and what awesome shows these ought to be. I swear the reviews of the shows on this tour are some of the best I’ve read in a couple of years.

The Saturday show is sold out, but at last check, there were still a few tickets left for the Friday set. Get yours here, and miss these shows at your peril!

This was posted yesterday on Hitchhiking:

From Bend Studio:

CD Design Contest

As you may or may not know, we are now recording and selling our live shows on CD. What you may not know is that we are able to design art work for the image that appears on the CD itself. And we are able to do different artwork each time.

Here is where you come in… For all of you artists out there…

We would like for you to submit a CD image design, if you are so inclined, for a show that you may be particularly interested in. What we will do is collect all of the designs that we receive, and whenever possible, have the musician pick the winner. That persons artwork will then appear on the CD, and you will also receive 2 free tickets to that show. More specific details to come on file preparation and whatnot, but for now, we are getting dangerously close to a few big shows that we would like to see some work for…

An Intimate Evening with Rhett Miller
Tuesday, June 21st
Deadline for artwork submission Saturday, June 18th

And did you guys get a chance to see the music video, released this past spring for “In The Satellite Rides A Star“? That was just the third-ever video from the guys, the second being a 1999 take on “Jagged.”

Longtime Hit By A Train visitors may remember when we had a copy of the Old 97’s very first video, a pretty darn good-looking 1993 effort for “St. Ignatius.” Unfortunately it was pulled down after we began exceeding bandwidth limitations. In any case, that video promotes 1994’s Hitchhike To Rhome but features the instrumental track from 1993’s self-produced The Old 97’s. In fact it was filmed before, but released after, Philip Peeples had even joined the band and instead featured the then-girlfriend of Rhett Miller “drumming” along to the studio skins work of Lisa Pankritz. (Philip’s scenes were tacked on later to the front and back of the video.)

In any case, it’s time to blow some more bandwidth restrictions, ain’t it? So give it up for the estimable Dr. David Welsh, who’s recently posted a copy of the “St. Ignatius” video on his server. Check it out!

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