Man oh man. L-tryptophan is a beyotch, no? Between the turkey, trimmings, and the new job, your webmaster done nothing the past few weeks besides eat, sleep, and study, with no in between. Until today that is, when Ken Bethea was nice enough to suggest that I… uhm… get off my butt and get some tour dates posted! And he’s right. So, are you looking for some New Years festivities? Well here you go: The Old 97’s are blowing the lid off Austin’s La Zona Rosa on December 29th and then return to Dallas’ Gypsy Tea Room on December 30. Now what do you mean you’ve never caught the 97’s ’round the holidays? Go!

So how about the kids with their wacky technology these days, and every up and coming band with a blog on You think we’d miss out on that? Heck no. So Ken’s worked up the Old 97’s new MySpace site, which you’ll want to be sure to check for updates. Also, Rhett Miller even has his new MySpace spot up. Rhett, of all people. Getting that boy – a webaphobe if ever there were one – posting online must have taken the strength of a thousand A&R reps! Seriously, Rhett has a seriously cool holiday track up on his spot for your Yuletide listening pleasure, so be sure to check it out. And believe it or not (I’m a believer. Get it?) that track, along with the recent Rubber Soul tribute, The Believer, which drops on 2/28, are not even Rhett’s only new projects, as he let slip at a recent gig that he and his lovely bride Erica are expecting again. So kudos, congrats, and best wishes to the Millers!

Your Old 97’s feature article this month may be an older one, from June of 2004, but it’s new to me and a nifty interview with the 97’s aforementioned Mr. Bethea. Click here! Also, are you looking for a 97’s photo-fix? Well here’s a must see. It’s Lindsay Graham’s (of Flickr site. There are only a couple of reliably and certifiably great photographers of the 97’s in action, and Lindsay is one of them. And if you need some new Old 97’s product for that special someone this holiday season, why, we can point you in the right direction. The folks at the legendary First Avenue club up in Minneapolis have come up with an amazing Best Of CD, called The Bootlegs: Commemorating 35 Years at First Avenue. When I first saw, it I literally couldn’t believe this lineup. Seeing is believing, and you can bet I’m getting mine.

Oh and before you leave, don’t miss these three great new reviews of Alive & Wired The first concludes: “This is just about as good as a live album gets,” and I believe he nails it. While the folks at Prefix Mag take a more high-minded approach, and the twangbangers at, still think you ought to buy a ticket if you want a real, four-star 97’s listening experience. And they’re right too. All these reviews? They’re just gravy after one great record, but I like me some gravy. Uhm…. gravy. And we’re right back where we started ain’t we? Time to eat! Actually, it’s time to study.

So for now, check back soon for traffic and weather on the eights, and breaking news when it happens, all here at And in case we don’t see you again before the holidays, here’s wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, from the Old 97’s family to yours.