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14 Jun, 2005

They do it this week


They do it this week.That's right, the first-ever Old 97's live album will be recorded at their shows this Friday and Saturday at Gruene Hall, just outside New Braunfels, Texas. It's one of the most historic venues in the state, and what awesome shows these ought to be. I swear the reviews of the shows on this tour are some of the best I've read in a couple of years.The Saturday show is sold out, but at last check, there were still a few tickets left for the Friday set. Get yours here, and miss these shows at your peril!This

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5 Jun, 2005

Ladies and gentlemen were now honored


Ladies and Gentlemen, we're now honored to present Rhett Miller's Right Nipple. No it's not the name of a new band; it's a picture of an old one: Sleepy Heroes, circa 1990. A nice girl sent me that picture ages ago, and let's face it, there's probably no good time - or good reason - to ever actually use something like that. But it's summer, I've got a belly full of pizza and beer, and the Old 97's are on tour, baby! Plus I promised at least one update each and every week, so there you go. Next week: Pull

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30 May, 2005

Oh almost forgot hd


Oh almost forgot, is rerunning this spring's "A Night With The Old 97's," the benefit concert for David Cunniff, on May 31 at 3:30 pm ET. If you've got HD you're in luck. First of course, you've got HD, and second, here's a second chance to catch a great bill for a great cause. And more good news for everyone: Mr. Cunniff's attacker has been sentenced to 19 years in the can. Good.

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30 May, 2005

With god as my witness i will never go


With God as my witness, I will never go so long between updates again. Sorry to go all Gone With The Wind on ya', and I won't bore you with stories about the IRS, laptops, the airline industry, and visits to the doctors. Let's talk Old 97's shall we? The guys have been busy, with Rhett (to whom Stephen King gives a shout-out in a recent edition of Entertainment Weekly) in the studio to record the follow-up to 2002's The instigator.And y'all know that June's shows will see the guys the recording their first ever live CD (of course their

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14 Apr, 2005

Hey gang im home and knee deep in taxes


Hey gang, I'm home and knee deep in taxes, but come midnight on April 15th, there be a big fat update in the works. Until then, check out this big batch of new Old 97's tour dates!

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9 Mar, 2005

See i wasnt kidding lyricstabs are


See, I wasn't kidding, the Lyrics/Tabs are finally back up. Yeah, OK, so I'm still working on the Drag It Up section, but just getting the java coding tweaked took a few hours, and now that the hard part is done, getting the Drag It Up section included should be cake. Also, joining a long-line of great line of Old 97's cover and/or "in cognito" bands, ladies and gentlemen, give it up for the West Texas Teardrops. Here's Ken Bethea with the explanation over on Hitchhiking:The West Tx. Teardrops will be playing during SXSW at the Longbranch Inn, at:1133 East

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25 Feb, 2005

Howdy everybody weve got dates for some


Howdy everybody! We've got dates for some new new live Old 97's and Rhett Miller shows posted - and rumors of a few more - but by far the most important of them is this one, the announcement cribbed from the good folks at the AllGood Cafe:Friday, March 11, 2005DALLAS Rocks For DAVID !!!Old 97's Deathray DaviesSalim NourallahSpector 45 Special Appearance by:Max StallingAll proceeds to benefit David Cunniff and payment of his extensive medical and rehabilitation costs.All bands are performing at no cost. This includes out-of-state members of Old 97's paying their own travel expenses, and all support crews.Sponsorship to

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23 Jan, 2005

Evil brown bean oligarchs over at


The evil, brown bean oligarchs over at Starbucks at least show flashes of brilliant musical taste, as their upcoming Valentines Day comp of covers proves. Featuring M. Ward, Joseph Arthur, Neko Case, and our own Old 97's, among others, Sweetheart: Love Songs went on sale on January 19 at your local Starbucks, at, Hear Music record stores, and Man, I hate to shill for Starbucks, but this looks like one fine comp. In a post on Hitchhiking, Ken Bethea described the project like this: We recorded it in September here in Dallas and... there are some other good

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6 Jan, 2005

Oh man howd i miss this rhetts got two


Oh man, how'd I miss this: Rhett's got a two-set solo show going next week (1/12) at the Fez in NYC. I'll bet he tries out some material from his upcoming solo CD, so if you're going to be in the city, go!

Oh man howd i miss this rhetts got two2005-01-06T13:53:00-05:00
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