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24 Dec, 2006

Hey kids heres one last pre christmas


Hey kids, here's one last pre-Christmas post to warm the cockles of yer frozen hearts. It's about that long-lost 1995 Christmas compilation to which the Old 97's contributed a couple of tracks, Honkey-Tonk Holidays. I couldn't agree more with the post's author, Robert Wilonsky, that "Rhett Miller has a voice made for Christmas carols." Plus, Wilonksy's got a link for you to download an MP3 of "I’ll Be Home for Christmas"! If you just have to have the CD - and since nearly every track's a winner, who can blame you? - I actually saw, for the first time in

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18 Dec, 2006

Ho ho ho yall so there aint ton of news


Ho ho ho y'all! So there ain't a ton of news, but what's there is cherse! (Free Wreck Your Life poster to the first one who can name the reference, without Googling. And don't fib - it's the Baby Jesus' birthday!) And speaking of, the 97's MySpace page has the band's two great Christmas cuts up for your holiday listening pleasure, "Holly Jolly Christmas," and "I'll Be Home for Christmas." While Rhett also has an absolute knockout, sob-in-yer-'nog original up on his MySpace page, called "Here It Is Christmas." Makes me hope the guys don't wait too long to make

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27 Oct, 2006

Man last several years have seen this


Man, the last several years have seen this site yammering on about baby this, and baby that, as the Old 97's have continued to crank out those new 97's. Well we first got wind back in August, and got the details today, on still another baby story; and because the 97's have those babies, this one's all about baby back, baby back, baby back ribs. Yep. You mean you haven't noticed familiar guitars and friendly voices popping out of TV screens lately in catchy, jangly, thirty second bits? Read on, and absolutely don't miss the 11 minute .mp3 interview with

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20 Sep, 2006

Pavarotti of plains don walser passed


The "Pavarotti of the Plains," Don Walser passed away today. The Austin American-Statesman said, "Walser's musical mission was to expose the country music of his youth to new audiences. Opening for such acts as the Butthole Surfers and Ministry, Walser introduced such old Western classics as 'Tumbling Tumbleweeds' and 'Cherokee Maiden' to a whole new audience, one that often jubilantly moshed to his songs..." Closer to home, Mr. Walser also sang that high lonesome yodel on the Old 97's "Old Familiar Steam," and the band, in a way, returned the favor last year at Greune Hall, when they covered Don's

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26 Aug, 2006

Its alive old 97s laid low for couple


IT'S ALIVE!!! The Old 97's laid low for a couple of months, so your webmaster did too. But now, the Old 97's are playing again, baby! See 'em October 12th at The Granada in Dallas, on the 13th at Stubb's in Austin, and on October 14th in beautiful Shiner, Texas, for the Shiner Bocktoberfest! Will there be more dates announced? I don't know, maybe so.BTW, folks on the official Old 97's mailing list got first word last week that the 97's would be back up and running this fall, so don't be left out when 97's news breaks! Sign up

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8 Jun, 2006

Hi everybody


"Hi everybody." Though I haven't seen The Break-Up yet, I hear Murry gets to offer that patented welcome to a 97's show, and that the guys kick out the jams on "Timebomb," "Salome," and "Melt Show." To commemorate the occasion New West has released a four-song Old 97's EP on iTunes, Old 97's Live EP. The sampler includes the guys' three Break-Up tracks plus "Ivy," a.k.a., "Ivy's Got A Boyfriend (Problem)," which is a rarely heard chestnut from the band's earliest days. Check it out!Also, for at least the past two years, the question most frequently answered with the word

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2 Jun, 2006

Ok yall you may remember that 97s went


OK y'all, you may remember that the 97's went up to Chicago to film a bit in a movie a few months back, wherein as part of the plot, the principals go to an Old 97's show. Proof positive that whatever else the critics might say of the characters, they have undeniable good taste. The movie is of course The Break-Up with Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston, and it opens this weekend. Ken and Philip headed out Murry-way to El Lay a few days back for the red carpet premier, and Ken reports, "It was funny. Our scene is excellent."And

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25 May, 2006

Good folks at nycs fearless music have


The good folks at NYC's Fearless Music have just posted a phenomenal in-studio performance of the Old 97's "Won't be Home." It's one of the best 97's performance clips you'll ever see, with nice production work, great sound, and an even better performance.Also check out the MySpace page for a new Scrubs soundtrack, which features several cuts from both Old 97's and Rhett Miller. (5/27 update: The soundtrack gets an "A" review here!) Speaking of Rhett, here's a great April interview in The Tufts Daily, and his list of Desert Island Discs from Entertainment Weekly.Finally, there are the beginnings of

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18 May, 2006

Weve had two of tracks available for


We've had two of the tracks available for download for a while now, but have you ever heard the entire Old 97's 1993 self-titled demo tape? Well now you can as one of the Old 97's spots on MySpace has posted the entire four-song cassette! It was recorded before Philip even joined the band, as the liner notes read in part:The Old 97's are:Rhett Miller - Lead Vocals, 6-StringKen Bethea - Lead GuitarMurry Hammond - Backup Vocals, BassDarin Lin Wood - DrumsLisa Pankritz plays drums on "St. Ignatius"It's proto-97's but good stuff. Check it out!Since these tracks will only whet

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10 May, 2006

Despite all advantages they have in fan


Despite all the advantages they have in a fan-base (like good looks, great musical taste, and fanaticism ;-) one of the things the Old 97's have not had in several years is a working official mailing list.The short version of a long story: The Old 97's had an official mailing list, but it hadn't been pruned of old addresses since at least 1997, and now, after a zillion changes of ownership at an internet company which hosted it, it seems that the old list has finally assumed room temperature.Well that ain't right, and it's high time to get this thing

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