Despite all the advantages they have in a fan-base (like good looks, great musical taste, and fanaticism 😉 one of the things the Old 97’s have not had in several years is a working official mailing list.

The short version of a long story: The Old 97’s had an official mailing list, but it hadn’t been pruned of old addresses since at least 1997, and now, after a zillion changes of ownership at an internet company which hosted it, it seems that the old list has finally assumed room temperature.

Well that ain’t right, and it’s high time to get this thing cranked up again. But this time, we’re using Yahoo Groups as a way to manage the list. So here’s the deal:

To sign up for the Official Old 97’s mailing list just click here, or simply send an e-mail here: Old97s_List-subscribe AT

More soon. Thanks!