OK y’all, you may remember that the 97’s went up to Chicago to film a bit in a movie a few months back, wherein as part of the plot, the principals go to an Old 97’s show. Proof positive that whatever else the critics might say of the characters, they have undeniable good taste. The movie is of course The Break-Up with Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston, and it opens this weekend. Ken and Philip headed out Murry-way to El Lay a few days back for the red carpet premier, and Ken reports, “It was funny. Our scene is excellent.”

Hit By A TrainAnd don’t forget that the Old 97’s compilation, Hit By A Train: The Best of Old 97’s drops into stores on June 20, but you can pre-order it toady from Amazon.com at the link above!

And in keeping with our story last week on Rhett’s desert island discs, he’s got a couple of recommendations over at Amazon with some other overlooked yet terrific Albums You Should Hear.

Finally, the 97’s will be appearing on Fearless Music TV this weekend. Based in New York, the program airs Saturday nights at 1am on Fox 5 in NYC. If you’re not in The Apple, check out the time and channel listing for other stations on Fearless Music website at www.fearlessmusic.tv/channels.html.