I think we could call this post Why I love Old 97’s (Vol XXXVI), by Jason Hood. And we’ll let Jason tell it because A) He’s a journalist and writes better than you and I; and B) It’s in the newspaper and I can link to it! Take it away, Jason:

Some times you need a cold beer, a shot of tequila and a honky-tonk love song to get you through the night. Hell, sometimes you need these things to get you through an extraordinarily trying breakfast hour break-up.

Once upon a hard-luck time you could find that honky-tonk love song on the first record of your father’s vinyl collection, every third track played by some high desert radio station or by throwing loose change in the direction of a familiar pool hall jukebox.

Perhaps you’ll stumble across the perfect song -— the song that validates your loneliness and pain -— in a smoky backwater dive, with its creaky barstools and peanut shell floor, thick with too tight miniskirts and boozy recklessness. I’ve been there and so has my buddy Jimmy the Pitbull. In fact, ol’ Jimmy went through three straight relationships and subsequent break-up songs, all in the course of one drunken and worrisome evening in West Tennessee.

But there’s one thing about heartbreak songs, liquor-fueled retrospection and a sticky-damp motel barroom: you tend to never forget them.

On Saturday, Aug. 4, at Belly Up, I know that The Old 97’s will play that unforgettable song.

You gotta read the rest, including his interview with Rhett, right here. And of course if you’re in the greater Aspen metropolitan area, or can get there in the next few hours, there’s that great Old 97’s show. Tonight!

Also we’ve got a few new dates posted, and additional info on others posted on the Tour Dates page. Check it out, and stand by for more here, soon!

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