From Mike Daniel in today’s Dallas Morning News and its music blog:

Saturday’s Carter Albrecht Memorial Concert at the Granada Theater is turning out to be a doozy.

First selling point: Dallas’ dreamiest alt-country sons, the Old 97’s (yep, the comma’s still in the name these days, folks) is headlining it. The Old 97’s sold out House of Blues’ Music Hall, which holds 600 more patrons than the 1,000-capacity Granada, back in May. Shaaa!

Second: Sorta — the band that Mr. Albrecht was so intimately intertwined in when he was shot dead through a door on Labor Day — will perform for the first time since his passing. And word on the street is that the nearly completed next Sorta CD is now actually completed. I’m still in awe that has come to pass already.

Third: all proceeds will benefit the Carter Albrecht Music Foundation, which now has at least one defined aim; to aid emerging and independent Dallas-area pop music talent in both obtaining and paying for studio time to make and distribute recordings. Sensational, I say.

Finally: the roster below the headliners is crazy strong: the Drams (or: Slobberbone, v2.0), Salim Nourallah (the city’s best songwriter, and a kind man to boot), Stephen Collins of Deadman (post-alt morosity a la Gram Parsons; and boy, does a set by this guy fit here) and Chris Holt’s super new project, the Slack.

Get yer 30-buck passes quick, folks. If you still can.

Dreamy, eh?

Well, it could hardly be for a better cause. “Sensational” even. And the “crazy strong” bill bit is right on the money too. So we’ll let “dreamiest” bit slide. This time 😉

(p.s. – 10.19.07: According to Pegasus News, the concert “will be recorded with downloads available at Pegasus News, donations of which will also go to the foundation.”)

Also, I just found something really cool. Go to the iTunes store, and search for the Old 97’s. Then scroll down to “Podcasts” and check out the “Podcast with Old 97’s.” Recorded earlier this year at the Fillmore in San Francisco, it’s a great interview with Rhett and Murry, with stuff about the new CD; their favorite 97’s albums; touring; the internet and the record business; and an extended description about their most memorable show: The wild and oversold (and closed down by the fire marshal) Denton show in the summer of 1999, where Murry passed out cold on-stage. Check it out.

Finally, there’s finally a big, update to the “Discography” page. It should now include most, if not all, commercially available Old 97’s releases, be they albums, comps, singles, soundtracks, EP’s, DVD’s, and even those fairly rare promo discs that pop up on Ebay. But I sometimes hear about releases that have escaped me, so if you see something missing, please do speak up!

So if there’s some tweaking yet to do, there’s still another big project on tap: A push to round out or complete the lyrics, chords, and tabs page. If you’ve got the time to submit lyrics not yet shown on the site, please feel free. In addition, any budding guitar gods who might be willing to tab out or submit chords for Old 97’s songs, well, we’d love to have your submissions too. It would be especially helpful if they were in a simple .txt file, in the same manner as those already on the site. Contributions would of course be fully credited.

See, for many years now, this has been one of the few “official” band sites, that’s also a “fan” site, and from the earliest days of Hit By A Train, it’s been your submissions, suggestions, hints, and tips that have helped to keep the site fresh.

Well there’s a new CD coming (The first new studio album in… nearly four years! Can that possibly be right? – f.e.) and no better time than to keep freshening up the site. So thanks in advance for your feedback and assistance!