Hi Everybody! Well the new old97s.com site went live early this morning. Make sure to check it out, and don’t forget to adjust your bookmarks, as both old97s.com and hitbyatrain.com will be frequently updated with late-breaking Old 97’s news and features! Also, those of us on the current Old 97’s mailing list really ought to get on over to the new list and update our info, as official mailing list members will now have the opportunity to get in on ticket pre-sales and on other breaking news before it’s released to the general public. And if you’re not on the Old 97’s official mailing list yet, why not sign up today? I have.

Her It Is Christmas TimeIn other big news, the new holiday single from Old 97’s is out today on iTunes. “Here It Is Christmas Time” is the name, iTunes users can get it here, and everyone can check it out streaming at the Old 97’s iLike page and MySpace page (which also features the guys on “Holly Jolly Christmas”).

And don’t forget to check the Tour Dates page as we’ve got a bunch of new Rhett solo dates, including links for pre-sale tickets. Finally, those Old 97’s NYE tickets are going fast, so get yours today!frank