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12 Oct, 2007

Notice anything different if not yet


Notice anything different? If not yet, you will soon, like tonight hopefully. It's a great new site tweak from Jeff Neely and Larry Lane, creators of the best Hit By A Train design ever, the Satellite Rides version from 2001, this time featuring concert photography from the amazing Alex Myers. I think you'll agree that the site is much more fresh and readable, to say nothing of the fact that each time you visit, you'll see a great new shot of the Old 97's in action, including a couple of excellent snaps of the nearly-impossible to capture Philip Peeples.Now this

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11 Oct, 2007

Blog post


...Old 97's are finally back in the studio, and something's up here, as in here at Hit By A Train... Stand by for news.

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8 Sep, 2007

Just quick note to let you know that


Just a quick note to let you know that the NYC show next Monday, 9/17, will be taking place at 7 World Trade Center, not 7 World Financial Center. More soon!

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5 Sep, 2007

Old 97s family sends its thoughts and


The thoughts and prayers of the Old 97's family are with the family, friends and loved-ones of Carter Albrecht. Rhett said it best on his MySpace page just this morning. Take care.

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21 Aug, 2007

On top all recent old 97s shows boy do


On top all the recent Old 97's shows, boy do we have some solo shows on tap. First up is Murry, playing the Sunday 8/26 in El Lay at the Hotel Cafe. Says Murry, "We're mixing the solo CD, and I wanted to do a set to polish up my stage legs."Then on September 20-23, Rhett plays a series of solo shows in NYC, Chicago, and Milwaukee, including two sets on September 20 at NYC's Blue Note. Finally, on Saturday, October 27th, the Old 97's team up for the second time this year with their old friend Willie at Dallas'

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12 Aug, 2007

Tonight live at red rocks its


"Tonight, Live at Red Rocks, it's... The West Texas Teardrops???" So last week, y'all might remember that the Old 97's were scheduled to play a great bill at the amazing Red Rocks Amphitheater near Denver. (Rent the classic "U2 Live at Red Rocks: Under a Blood Red Sky" if you have any questions about the venue.)You might also be familiar with the West Texas Teardrops, a rock-pop-punk-country trio consisting of Philip Peeples, Ken Bethea, and Murry Hammond, who've played a handful of club dates over the past couple of years, during times when their erstwhile collaborator, Rhett Miller, is otherwise

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11 Aug, 2007

Well after much dawdling weve added new


Well, after much dawdling we've added a new feature here at Hit By A Train, whereby you can add your favorite Old 97's pics and video clips to the site! Just attachment them to any standard email, or even txt/mms from your cell-phone, and send to them olds97s AT cellblock DOT com . The text that you enter for the subject line of your message will be automatically added as the caption for your photo or video, and they'll show up automatically on our New Images page.You can post individual photos of up to to 10MB, in BMP, JPG, GIF,

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4 Aug, 2007

I think we could call this post why i


I think we could call this post Why I love Old 97's (Vol XXXVI), by Jason Hood. And we'll let Jason tell it because A) He's a journalist and writes better than you and I; and B) It's in the newspaper and I can link to it! Take it away, Jason:Some times you need a cold beer, a shot of tequila and a honky-tonk love song to get you through the night. Hell, sometimes you need these things to get you through an extraordinarily trying breakfast hour break-up.Once upon a hard-luck time you could find that honky-tonk love song on

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12 Jul, 2007

And just how are shows sounding on


And just how are the shows sounding on the current tour? P.D.G. according to this reviewer of last night's Kansas City show, and this one from the July 7 Milwaukee Summerfest gig. And just before that Milwaukee appearance the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel ran this excellent primer on the Old 97's today. One prop for the 97's you may have overlooked appeared in the pages of a June Rolling Stone, wherein indie-punk-headbanger Queens of the Stone Age honcho, Joshua Homme, named "Timebomb" as one of his all-time favorite tunes. "Why this... country-rocker wasn't a worldwide hit, I have no idea." That

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3 Jul, 2007

Youre dang right theres even more new


You're dang right, there's even more new tour dates! Get 'em and get there! And as soon as I can, we'll have a complete update posted right here. Cheers.

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