As you may know, Murry has been working on a solo album for awhile now. I Don’t Know Where I’m Going But I’m On My Way will be out real soon. Murry once told me, “if you like ‘Valentine,’ you’ll like this record.” Heh. He said “record.” But if it sounds like “Valentine,” sign me up. If you’d like to hear some of these tunes live, head on down to Nacogdoches on Friday, February 22 for the Pine Knot Music Co-op Showcase. Murry will be performing a solo CD release show. I’d love to see him take it on the road, but I have a feeling the full band is going to keep him busy for much of this year. But maybe this means we’ll start getting a Murry song during the acoustic interlude in Old 97’s shows. Wouldn’t that be sweet?

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