We’ve heard from Rhett and Ken on the as-yet-unnamed new Old 97’s album. So how about Murry? First, a direct quote:

We’re all jazzed about this one. Ken is truly a guitar god this round. No joke. And I’m thrilled with it. It gets punchy the way Too Far was, but with the stylistic stretching of Fight Songs and Satellite Rides. The song pile is a good one — I’d call it a rare pile. Overall, I bet people will agree that it is the most adventuresome yet of all our albums. But it still sounds like us.

Sounds good to me. He also reveals that there will be two “Murry songs” on this one: The Beautiful Thing and Color of a Lonely Heart is Blue. Regarding the latter, Murry says “I may be prouder of it than just about any I’ve done so far.”

There’s also one tune Murry and Rhett co-wrote, a “60’s pop ditty” called My Two Feet.

This thing can’t get here soon enough.