Hey kids: Let’s give up a hearty thank-you to the otherwise anonymous Steve, who – on HBAT’s comments page – left us with a link to a terrific broadcast Rhett cut for yesterday’s Music with Jay Trachtenberg on Austin’s KUT. On it you’ll hear some great solo-acoustic versions of “Dance With Me,” “My Two Feet,” “No Baby I,” “Salome,” and an amazing jewel of a song that opens the show. Unfortunately, it’s one with which I’m completely unfamiliar.

So here’s the deal: I’ll mail out a decent little Old 97’s swag-bag to the first person who can name that tune. Just contact me here: landings DOT geo AT yahoo DOT com. Thanks! – frank

p.s. – Hold your calls, folks, we have a winner! The Old 97’s swag-bag goes out to one Rhett Miller of New York, who writes that in fact…

Nobody is going to win that swag bag because the song doesn’t have a title yet. I think I will call it “Bonfire”.

I just had written it the day before and I asked Walter the engineer if he would mind if I busted out a quick demo before Jay got there to interview me. It is not really even finished and my voice was barely cooperating at 9 am. I did not intend for them to make that a part of the broadcast, but… What are you gonna do, eh?

This song is part of the stack of demos I am compiling for my next solo record. Boy, the internet is a funny thing.

Funny yes, but neat too, as I think Rhett just saved me a trip to the post office 😉 And even though none of you guessed “Bonfire,” thanks to everyone for writing in! – frank