Old 97'sSo last night, while returning to Texas from a few days of vacation, I dialed up an NPR podcast on the iPod and flipped open the in-flight magazine. Combined with the afterglow of a lovely Hakutsuru sake from an airport Japanese restaurant, the combined effect should have been akin to swallowing a half bottle of Valium. Or so I’m told. Or at least I’m told it would have been, had I not been jolted wide-awake when I stumbled upon the music section of the new, May 1 issue of the American Way magazine, and its rather nice profile of the Old 97’s, including terrific feature photo, and a chat with Rhett and Murry.

I was struck by something Murry said in the interview: “The one thing that’s consistent with our audience is that they’re all real music fans. I mean, you don’t really even find a band like us to begin with unless your record collection is probably a little bit bigger than your neighbor’s.” Boy, is that ever the truth. [cue the shelf of CD’s groaning the background] So anyhow, it also leads to the obvious conclusion that if you are visiting this site, you are a fan of the Old 97’s. And we fans of the 97’s are known for our, well… cult-like devotion “enthusiasm.” Take this quiz: Have you included Old 97’s cuts on compilations for family members, burned Old 97’s mixes for friends, or dragged unsuspecting acquaintances along to Old 97’s shows? I thought so.

That means that, like it or not, we are on the Old 97’s street team, and kudos to the band, they’re finally going to make it official. So here’s your chance to add your name to the list. Just click the link, sign up, and help out. And maybe get some cool acknowledgment for you efforts. Thanks!

And speaking of something for fans, right now, you can pre-order both the Blame It On Gravity CD or the limited edition CD/DVD combo, signed by all four the guys directly from Newbury Comics.

Also, Amazon finally has up their link for ordering a copy of Murry’s CD I Don’t Know Where I’m Going But I’m On My Way, so get your copy today! In addition, HBAT finally has our own page up dedicated to IDKWIGBIOMW, and you can check that out here.

Finally, back to goodies for fans. I’d say you’ve waited long enough to hear Blame It On Gravity, wouldn’t you? So beginning this Tuesday May 6th, you can hear the complete album, which BTW will be available in vinyl, complete and streaming via Rhapsody.com. Think of it as sort of a “fans world premier.” Now go tell your friends, and check back soon! Cheers – frank