First up, thanks to Michael, Jefe, and Jennifer for keeping the lights on around here while I’ve been busy with family, work, and vacation. Next up, if you’re in Texas or hereabouts (and really, why wouldn’t anyone at least be thinking about being here? 😉 why not head down to your local indie bookstore and pick up a new copy of Texas Music, whose cover is graced by you-know-who. The Dallas Observer, on their terrific DC9 at Night music blog, notes that Blame It On Gravity is now the Old 97’s highest charting album ever, on track to become their best-selling ever, and is still comfortably ensconced in the Top 40 of Billboard’s Indie Albums chart.

Not bad after fifteen years, eh?

Also, as Michael mentioned, while VH1 and other MTV networks have picked up the video for “Dance With Me,” some fans (read: “me”) have wondered about the decision to show so little of… well… the Old 97’s. Never fear, it seems the guys are down with that call; and seeing as how this will easily be their most-watched video ever, it would seem that call was OK, it not definitely the best one.

Finally, having missed every chance at catching the guys since this past NYE in Dallas, I will be at the Atlanta show on 7/22. Seeing as how I report to work in ATL on the 23rd. Anyhow, anyone out there who’ll be making that show, and who could use a frosty adult beverage in the process, please gimme a shout off-line. More soon, I promise. – frank