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21 Aug, 2008

All things reconsidered


Apparently, All Things Considered got so many letters on Robert Christgau's review of BIOG, that it is also the topic of their "Letters" feature today.Check it out. - frank

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20 Aug, 2008

Biog on nprs atc


If you're driving home today, don't miss Robert Christgau's review of Blame It On Gravity on today's All Things Considered, on your local NPR station. Of course if you're reading this, you'd better not be driving anywhere, though you can also listen here. The short recap: "They've just put out their best album in seven years. Blame It On Gravity is noticeably more taut and focused than their earlier albums — more delicate, too." It was Christgau, the "Dean of American Rock Critics," who wrote those great liner notes for the 2006 best-of comp, Hit By A Train: The Best

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14 Aug, 2008

Mo shows


Hi everybody:Just a quick word to let you know that as of five minutes ago, we have the complete set of Old 97's, Murry Hammond, and Rhett Miller tour dates, from now until the end October rolls around. Will you sober up and let me down? - frank

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7 Aug, 2008

More spinoffs than happy days


Y'all remember the Satellite Riders, doncha? These guys are, hands down, the finest Old 97's tribute band in America. Heck, they may be the only Old 97's tribute band in America. The Riders have been playing, under a number of names, mainly around North Texas for nearly as long as the Old 97's, but laying low since May 2003, when they blew the roof off Dallas' Sons of Hermann Hall.But now these four old buds from Mineral Wells, Texas, are back, and they're hitting the road, heading to Seattle for an 8/31 show at the intimate Tractor Tavern. They're calling

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15 Jul, 2008

Terry gross rock vote murry rocks and


Of course y'all know the Dance With Me vid's been up on the VH1/EmptyVee oligopoly's playlists for a couple of weeks now, and for an indie release, that is rare. But of course, we could help kick them up in rotation a bit too. So why not take a minute to plug 'em on the VH1 Top 20 Video Countdown poll? If you don't see the title you can write it in. It's easy and who knows? Your vote might be the one that gets the band out to one more lost soul. And while you're at it, here's still

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9 Jul, 2008

Highest theyve ever been


First up, thanks to Michael, Jefe, and Jennifer for keeping the lights on around here while I've been busy with family, work, and vacation. Next up, if you're in Texas or hereabouts (and really, why wouldn't anyone at least be thinking about being here? ;-) why not head down to your local indie bookstore and pick up a new copy of Texas Music, whose cover is graced by you-know-who. The Dallas Observer, on their terrific DC9 at Night music blog, notes that Blame It On Gravity is now the Old 97's highest charting album ever, on track to become their

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26 Jun, 2008

Ground control magazine crash mansion


Here's a nice, long, sink-your-teeth-into-it review of the recent Old 97's show at L.A.'s Crash Mansion, from our friends at Ground Control Magazine. Cool pictures, too. Thanks Mark!

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18 Jun, 2008

Fuse tvs new ad campaign music is


Fuse TV has launched a brilliant new ad campaign called "Music Is..." using some pretty darn good songs, including one by a li'l band from Texas that you may be familiar with. Check this out--I think you're gonna like it:

Fuse tvs new ad campaign music is2008-06-18T15:38:00-05:00
13 Jun, 2008

Isnt new video for dance with me


Isnt the new video for "Dance With Me" awesome? Now you can help out the band by voting for the new video on MySpace. The video for "Dance With Me" will be featured on the MySpace TV homepage starting today for 5 days. It will be in the “More Featured Videos” section. Please vote “BOOYA” for the 97’s new video. This is actually a really huge placement, especially having it for 5 days. If you look at the other videos featured today they have anywhere from 6,000 to 98,000 plays. Old 97’s are performing live Wednesday, June 18th at 6

Isnt new video for dance with me2008-06-13T16:43:00-05:00
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