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31 Dec, 2009

4 nights 96 songs


Well, the boys' four-night stand at Sons of Hermann Hall is in the books — and in the can, as the entire shindig was recorded. Cross your fingers that it will see the light of day. I was only able to attend night two, but I can attest that they were on fire, and the rarities just added to the fun.You can read a couple of good reviews at The Dallas Observer and at Pegasus News.And for your reading pleasure, here are the setlists from all four nights:NIGHT ONEBird in a Cage504Streets of Where I'm FromMy Two FeetCrash on the

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23 Dec, 2009

There is new merch store for old 97s


There is a new merch store for Old 97's. There are some of your old favorites and new t-shirts. There will be more product coming soon. Old97' is going to be run by a new company. The old one wasnt keeping up with tour dates and the store had some problems. The new site should be better and up and running soon. ~michael

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16 Dec, 2009

Boot share 1 ranchero brothers 5 7 99


Welcome to our first attempt to share some live shows with the unwashed masses. If this works, I'll add more shows over the coming weeks.This is an interesting CD. Labeled Ranchero Brothers, 5-7-99, Viper Club. It's a recent acquisition for me, found through Twitter and the generous @Pens7M. I believe it refers to the infamous Viper Room in West Hollywood, CA. Anecdotally, a search of Wrecked (the belovedly random Yahoo group) leads me to believe the boys played before a '70s disco revival band named "Boogie Knights" that was in residency on Friday nights at the time. Maybe that's why

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1 Dec, 2009

Looks like everyone was excited about


Look's like everyone was excited about Jefe idea for a Ranchero Brothers album. And Dallas is about to finally get the "An Evening with Old 97's" shows at Hermann Hall. Dr David is back with some goodies for us. He video taped some solo performances of Rhett and Murry and will post a new video clip each week until the show. Including a Ranchero Brothers version of Timebomb. This week we have Murry singing Lost At Sea. Enjoy!~ michael

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20 Nov, 2009

Wither ranchero


As you’ve probably heard by now, the boys are going in the studio early next year to record the follow-up to Blame It On Gravity, and we the fans couldn’t be more thrilled. Or could we?Any new material from the Old 97’s is cause for celebration. After all, we’re about to finish a decade that only saw three albums of new material released by the band as a whole. I’m as pleased as anyone that they’ve chosen to bring Salim Nourallah back to produce, and I’m sure the finished product will offer all the quality sonic thrills we love them

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29 Oct, 2009

Lakers coach phil jackson singing old


Lakers coach Phil Jackson singing an Old 97's song? Yes, it's true. At the end of an interview session with reporters he sang, "It takes a worried man to sing a worried song". ~michael

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14 Oct, 2009

Happy holidays yall


This just in from the Dallas Observer:Longtime favorite local alt-country outfit the Old 97's has been booked to play four consecutive nights at the [Sons of Hermann Hall] from December 27 through December 30. Like this past summer's tour from the band (although not the case here in Dallas), all four nights will be presented as an "An Evening With..." affair, with Murry Hammond and Rhett Miller both performing opening solo sets each night before 97's take the stage.So now do you believe in Santa Claus? - frank

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9 Oct, 2009

Albums albums and more albums


Bloodshot records is releasing "Wreck Your Life and Then Some: The Complete Bloodshot Recordings" on November 17. This is a double LP with a limit of 1000 copies. It includes the full length Wreck Your Life, 7" singles, and compilation tracks. Pre-order now!If that wasn't exciting enough, there should be a new cd release from the boys next year. And finally the covers cd should be out early next year. No release date yet. ~michael

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15 Sep, 2009

Bits pieces


Hi everybody: I'm not dead! Just overwhelmed with work, union, and family at the moment. Unfortunately, I don't see much letup either until next Spring. But I do have a grab-bag of Old 97's goodies today, first up a nice new interview of Murry and Rhett the folks at, another with Rhett from CNN (hat tip: Sean Martin), and some great photos of the guys' recent Ft. Worth gig at the hoidy-toidy Bass Hall from Clay Billman. Thanks Clay! Meanwhile the Dallas Observer kicks in a fine slideshow of the 97's kicking off the inaugural gig at Dallas' new

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11 Sep, 2009

Rhett in europe


I thought I'd posted this already, but I guess not. Check this link for info on Rhett's upcoming European tour with none other than Steve Earle. Here's hoping they get some downtime to collaborate on some songwriting together!

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