Have you ever wondered what the Old 97’s might sound like without Ken? Last night about thirty of us found out. They were playing the Grand Opening for the Hard Rock Cafe in Dallas. Everything got off to good start with Murry’s “Hello Everybody” and they jumped into “Dance With Me”. After nine or ten songs, Ken told Rhett he wasn’t feeling well and left with his wife, not to be seen again. It seems he had some bad food for dinner. The band was a little confused at first but played “Question”, “Miss Molly” and some Buck Owens songs, hoping that Ken would return. When it was apparent that Ken wasn’t coming back they went on with the set list. The highlight of the show had to be when Rhett came down from the stage and danced with Doreen (yes, that Doreen) while still playing his guitar. They closed with “Time Bomb” and Rhett humming Ken’s guitar solos. After the concert, Rhett donated his white and yellow Fender guitar to the Hard Rock to be put on display with the other famous rock and roll memorabilia on the walls.