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September 15, 2009

Hi everybody: I’m not dead! Just overwhelmed with work, union, and family at the moment. Unfortunately, I don’t see much letup either until next Spring. But I do have a grab-bag of Old 97’s goodies today, first up a nice new interview of Murry and Rhett the folks at, another with Rhett from CNN (hat tip: Sean Martin), and some great photos of the guys’ recent Ft. Worth gig at the hoidy-toidy Bass Hall from Clay Billman. Thanks Clay! Meanwhile the Dallas Observer kicks in a fine slideshow of the 97’s kicking off the inaugural gig at Dallas’ new Hard Rock Cafe a few weeks back.

Murry himself forwards a link to a classic, November 1982, Texas Monthly article on the burgeoning punk-rock ‘zine scene in Texas, featuring “Most Likely To Suceed” Boyd High School athlete, and punk-teen ‘zine impresario, one Murry Hammond. In all immodesty, I did point out to Murry that I beat him into Texas Monthly by over a year, as illustrated here. That’s yours truly in glorious black & white on the cover page of the piece, back when I was defending Bryan-College Station against the encroaching march of godless communism. While we won the Cold War on the Brazos, IIRC, we lost to U of H that day, 10-7. (Bonus joke: Why did the orphan pray to be adopted an Aggie? Because Aggies never beat anyone.)

Also, while watching previews before “District 9” a couple of weeks back, I noticed “Timebomb” prominently featured in the soundtrack for the upcoming Michael Cera, Zach Galifianakis, and Justin Long comedy, Youth In Revolt. Check it out then take this pop quiz: How many feature films how now featured that Old 97’s classic?

Finally, again with thanks to Sean Martin, here’s a link to a great boot of the tribute to the then-recently departed Johnny Cash, in which the 97’s stole the show, from the 2003 ACL Fest in Austin. I was there, and lemme tell you, they kicked about a hundred miles of ass.

I’ve got more stuff, but no more time, as I’m off in a couple of hours for some R&R in Europe. So until next time, Cheers. y’all! – frank

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