Hi everybody! Yes we are woefully behind on updates, but blame me, and not El Jefe or Michael, as I have been stupidly busy when not on the paying job, trying to help convince coworkers to give up their paying jobs. Ironic, I know.

Since Blogger ceased support for FTP last month, we’ve also had no easy way of updating the site. Yes, we have begun the process of switching the site over to WordPress, which will make frequent updates a snap. But in the interim, I’ve hauled out and reinstalled the old Windows 95, HTML coding software, and passed it off to our crack staff to bring you this big update. From here on out, we’ll just keep those Taiwanese orphans banging away at computers in the basement sweatshop until Hit By A Train is back in all its chatty… well… something. Until then, if you come across a broken link or two, just let us know, and we’ll cut their food ration until it’s fixed!

image description The big news of course is that the Old 97’s new double album The Grand Theater, looks to hit store shelves (fingers crossed) sometime around October. Recording engineer extraordinaire, Rip Rowan, describes it as “epic.” But to tempt the taste buds, on July 6 the Old 97’s will finally release Mimeograph, the covers EP they recorded some months ago. And thanks to Cindy Royal of Texas Music magazine, we’ve got a terrific, three-part video interview with Rhett and Salim on the making of TGT. I’m not known as the giddy sort, but gotta admit I busted out in a happy laugh when Rhett let fly a great couple of couplets off the new album. So you need to smile today? Then don’t miss this interview!