Welcome to the new official Old 97’s website. What’s going on here? Well, we’ve basically taken the exhaustive information and tireless fandom of the beloved hitbyatrain.com, updated the design with sexy new social media goodness, and added an element that’s been missing from old97s.com for a long time: actual band involvement. That’s right. You’ve probably noticed that the guys are popping up all over the web right now. Murry is manning the official Facebook page, Rhett is flooding YouTube with video diaries — it’s a brave new world. Expect Rhett, Murry, Ken and Phillip to contribute to this site fairly often. We’ll be sharing rare music, too, so don’t miss it.

How can you help? Well, you can always join the Old 97’s Flickr group to share your photos. And be sure to “like” us on Facebook, and follow both @old97s and @rhettmiller on Twitter. Links to all three are at the bottom of the page. But while you’re here, check out the new forum and jump in the conversation yourself. We’re glad to have you.