Back in the mid and late 90’s, around about the time Seinfeld was becoming slightly less funny and the word “blog” was about as well known as “DVR,”  I used to write what I thought of us a “Band Diary.” For the most part I wrote about happenings on tour and in the studio. At the time I was pretty amazed at the technology that allowed me, a guy in a band, to directly communicate with fans. Fueled by the desire to prove that I was just a “regular guy in a rock band” I think I wrote off and on for about three years then suddenly… I stopped.


It’s hard for me to remember exactly the specifics, but I think for the most part it had to do with getting married. Suddenly I had a mortgage. A yard. Two cats and an iguana. Soon there was a son. Then a daughter. And not only did I have less time to devote to a few hours a week of writing a non-paying journal, but also I got a little tight with my privacy. I remember there was a phase where fans would bring up things I had written with no preface. Like:

“Hey Ken.”
“How is Tyler?” (My hometown.)
“Uh, it’s OK.” Pause here while I panic, wondering if this is someone I went to high school with. “Have you been there lately or something?”
“Oh no, I just read what you read on-line about going there over Thanksgiving.”
Relief, sweet relief would wash over me, then:
“So how was your honeymoon in Italy?”


I know compared to most jobs that’s a fairly small complaint. For instance, I used to repair roofs with tar on scorching 100 degree Texas heat for $3.10 an hour, but for some reason, that scenario got to me. Somewhere around 1998, I stopped tapping the keys.

One year led to two. And to 3 and 5 and 10. I wrote a few other spur of the moment pieces, but nothing with any regularity. Now here I am 15 years later after the hey-day of my old school “blogs” (hate the word, love the meaning) and I’ve decided (after the urging/insistence of my band mates) to get back into the business of sharing my stories with strangers over the Internet. (See how dark that sounds?)

I’m going to keep this thing pretty loose. Not exactly a diary (too bloggy) nor a memoir (I’m not a member of AARP yet), I’m going to just try to tell some tales that you readers will find worth coming back to. Every band has a million stories and some of them are actually worth hearing.

With that, how about a story? Since I’m only recently back into the writing game, I’m going to start easy and tell the easiest story of them all: The “In the beginning…” story.

But that will have to be saved for next week. Until then, enjoy the “TGT V1.”