New album out today.

October 12, 2010

The wait is over my friends. Time to get your grubby little hands on the new Old 97’s CD. Or download it to your grubby little hard drive. Whatever works for you.

If you’d like to get it in a bundle with a special t-shirt, go to the store.

If you want to get the bonus track “Two Family Trees,” get the MP3 download from

And of course there’s always iTunes, which offers the bonus track “Marcy Anne.”

So go on, treat yourself to some high fidelity. You deserve it.


  1. Officially considering myself treated!! The new album is so amazing! Love, love, love it!!!!

  2. Both bonus tracks are “Album Only”. not to complain (too much) but I pre-ordered the CD on Amazon for $12.99 … the downlaod with bonus track is $9.99 … so is the moral here that “no good deed goes unpunished”?

  3. But Scott, you got real old school liner notes! That’s good stuff.

    • @Jefe: … liner notes which don’t specify who that is singing on Track #4 (“You Were Born to be in Battle”). Heck, no more whining: the new album is great — and a great appearance by the guys on GMT this morning here in Dallas!

  4. Picked up the album this morning, went for a drive in the snowy colorado mountains, and listened to it cranked in the car. The past couple albums took some time for me to warm up to, up but this one was balls out awesome from the get go!! Great job guys!! See you in Boulder!!

  5. Bummed that I have to buy the album three times in order to get both bonus tracks and the liner notes. I understand the market forces that drive that situation but it still stinks that we are put in a position of having to decide to either shell out for the album three times or miss out on some songs.

  6. Man what a day, the Rangers win their series against the Rays to advance to the ALCS and the Old 97’s release “The Grand Theater.” I just finished listening to it and I love it. Lyric of the the year: “if you spend your whole life rolling horses into Troy, no you will not go to Heaven, you’ll go to Champaign, Illinois.” Rhett you are amazing. So proud to have named my son after you. Excellent work boys. So proud to be from Dallas today.

  7. I’m with Scott! I want the bonus tracks!

    Can I send you a picture of my physical CD?

    Love the record, guys.

  8. Here’s the thing about the bonus tracks guys: the band has nothing to do with it. Amazon and iTunes can be powerful forces in helping market an album, and their promotional help can be instrumental in getting it out to more listeners. However, they usually want something in return — like an exclusive track. So the label plays along, because it’s in the band’s best interests. That’s business. I feel confident that the additional tracks will turn up in an easier-to-acquire place eventually.

    • 10/14/2010
    • Reply

    Yup, this one was awesome 1st time around. Killer stuff!

  9. Picked up the CD last night and this little disc is not coming out of my CD players any time soon! Popped it in for the drive home, finished listening during the drive into work this morning and now it’s playing in my CD player on my desk. I am lovin’ it!! The very first song had me thinking the guys were channeling a little of The Clash “London Calling”. What an awesome CD!! Please come back to Cleveland, OH – I have to see some of these songs performed live!

  10. I’m listening to the new CD for the first time at work. Big mistake, because all I want to do is turn it up and start moving. I keep inching up the volume, then inching it down as one of my numerous bosses walks by my office. Can’t wait to get home and crank it up proper!

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