Mark your calendars or set your DVRs… Old 97’s will appear on Jay Leno Wednesday November 10th…


  1. Congrats guys!! Can’t wait to watch…even though it is Leno =P

  2. Ah bummer… I mean great, but that was the night of your only Canadian show (which was canceled). Was it because of the “in the crease” comments of the scandalous 1999 Dallas win of the Stanley cup from the audience?

    Oh well, come on back to Toronto.

    Have fun on Leno, before he retires, changes his mind, and then take your musical spot back.

    Jonny from T.O.

  3. What song will y’all be playin’?

    • Tom-The 97’s will be playing Champaign, IL tonight. Wouldn’t it be great if Christine O’Donnell was so nuts Jay cut her time short opening the door for the band to play two songs to fill the void. Here’s hoping!!

      • Awesome. I’m crazy about that song right now! “fearin’ God and painfully employed…” so classic.

  4. What Jonny said… great for you guys, but it sucks for us here in Toronto…. we wait a LONG time between 97’s shows … please reschedule soon!

  5. Sweet! Can’t wait to see my favorite band Jam on National TV…Leno is annoying, but he has to be somewhat cool to have the OLD 97’s on his show.

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