Old 97’s kick off their tour tonight at The Lyric in Oxford, MS. After two months of heavy rotation in our cars and at our cubicles, the songs from The Grand Theatre, Volume One are ready to be heard at a nightclub near you.

Will you be there? If you don’t have your hands full with your wife, other women, and whiskey, (or your husband, other men, and gin), grab your camera and share your best photos with the Old 97’s Flickr group. You’ll win the appreciation and envy of all of your fellow fans.

Once your hangover fades, head over to the forum and share highlights from the show. This could include having your drink infused with an airborne droplet of Rhett sweat, hearing that song you’ve been dying to hear live, or what the hell, maybe a Missed Connections-style plea to locate that looker in the front row who was not paying any attention to you. While that Missed Connection may be a Lost Opportunity, your music-related musings may catch the eye of a certain singer or guitar player who have been gracing fans with their presence on the forum. Between Rhett’s Tweets, Murry’s Facebook fun, and the band’s collaborative efforts to engage with their fans through this site, is there any doubt that we are the luckiest fans in rock and roll? Of course, the ultimate reward of 97’s fandom is the exhilaration of a live show and the guys are ready to deliver the goods.

Safe travels to Old 97’s, the crew, and to all of you road-tripping fans out there.