Today is December 23rd. Can you believe it? Christmas is just two short days away. If you’re like me, you’re being swallowed up by daunting holiday trappings, desperately trying to cram three days of prep into four hour days.

As a way to help assuage your anxiety over the mountain of unfinished Christmas business, the lovely folks at Daytrotter have posted five songs our collective favorite band recorded live while in Austin. And get this…they’re free to download. FREE.

Happy Christmas to us!

As an added attempt to lift your spirits during these last hectic days, I’ve also posted Rhett singing two Christmas tunes at the Philly show earlier this month thanks to fellow Wrecker, Melissa.


From all of us here at, may your Holiday be filled with love, laughter and just the right amount of family you can tolerate with or without liquid medication.

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas, y’all!