We’re proud to announce a new recurring feature on New Music Mondays. The first Monday of every month, we’ll be adding new music to the site’s media page. Live shows, rare demos, you name it. So check back each month to see what kind of magic awaits.

This month, we’re kicking things off with a great bootleg of a Rhett Miller solo acoustic show at a little club called Fez under Time Cafe in New York City from 4/4/01. Rhett did a series of shows in this venue around this time period, back when he still lived in NYC. There’s probably a dozen of these bootlegs in circulation, each one offering the unique charm of a Rhett solo show, filled with old favorites and many new songs that went on to become favorites themselves. This particular show is unique in that a few songs in, Ken Bethea shows up to play along for several songs. If you’re a budding drummer, this is the show for you to practice along with. So head on over to the media page and enjoy.


    • 02/07/2011
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    I can’t tell you how awesome this is. As a long time 97’s fan it is always great to be able to hear something from the guys that you have never heard before. Thanks!!

  1. excellnt stuff- glad you guys are so down to earth !!! Keep putting those stories into song !

  2. Loving this idea. Many of us have been bemoaning the lack of availability of full live 97s shows compared with offerings from many other bands. It would be great to have at least one full show from each of the last several tours. Keep em coming!!

  3. Jeff, this is absolutely amazing to hear beauties like the Heisman line in Won’t be Home, the origins of Hover AKA Helicopter Ladies and that rarest of gems… Ken singing the Bug Song. This is so great. I don’t know who’s vault you’re raiding, but please keep rummaging around in there. Thanks!!

  4. These are awesome! Love the banter and I have always wanted a copy of the Heisman lined Won’t Be Home! Plus, there are three songs I have never heard before! Thanks so much!!!

    • 02/09/2011
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    I’ve loved this gig for years, has my favorite version of Moonlight and Ken’s “crunchy” guitar playing is just so cool.

  5. Is there a way to download the Ranchero Brothers songs? When I click download, it plays me the song, but won’t actually let me keep it. I’m loving that version of Going on Down the Mountain.

    • Jackie, right click with your mouse on those Ranchero Brothers songs and click on “Save target as…” to download. It worked fine for me.
      This is really great of the Old 97s to put this stuff out there for free. Thanks tons! If you’re taking any requests, I wonder if there’s any old Sleepy Heroes stuff you could put up. Or Rhett’s early pre-97s solo album. That stuff is out of print, near-impossible to find, and probably not making you any money anyway. I’m sure other 97s completists like me would love to see it.
      Thanks again!

    • Thanks for the tunes, it kinda reminds me of the Hitbyatrain site 15+ years ago 🙂 One song I remember from the old site was Daybed by the Rancheros. If you can find it, I SURE would love to hear it is one of their best!!

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