Our favorite foursome just finished up an exhausting extended weekend playing six, count ’em, SIX shows at SXSW before motoring to Dallas to play the Texas Music Revolution Saturday night, then onto a freebie outside of the American Airlines Center prior to the Mavs match. And still there was energy to spare for more than a little air time.

At the New West party

Friday Night Showcase at Antone’s

Riding the Shiner Bock at Texas Music Revolution

Victory Plaza prior to the Mavs game

Even Ken got into the act with this incredible hang time

Last Friday on the way to his and Murry’s second early morning radio performance after only 3 hours sleep, Rhett tweeted “No rest for the wicked. #apparentlyIamwicked”

Yeah. Wicked awesome!

Better work on your leaps, Murry. You’re next.

(photos courtesy of Cindy Royal and Melissa Bridgefarmer)