Presser from New West Records:

OLD 97’S

New Album Available July 5 From New West Records

Additional Tour Dates Announced Including Sasquatch, Summerfest and Outside Lands

May 5, 2011 – Los Angeles, CA – Old 97’s introduce The Grand Theatre Vol. 2, their ninth studio album, available July 5th via New West Records. The new record is a companion to the critically acclaimed The Grand Theatre Volume One, which received 3 ½ stars in both Rolling Stone and American Songwriter. Released less than a year since their last effort, The Grand Theatre Vol. 2 features 13 brand new songs and is once again produced by Salim Nourallah (The Grand Theatre Volume One and Blame It On Gravity.)

“Vol. 2 expands on the themes found in Volume One both sonically and lyrically,” explains Miller. “We delved further into our experiments in gritty garage rock and at times spun further into lush psychedelia. Like Volume One, you’ll find narratives that are stunted and strange.”

Though the band originally conceptualized The Grand Theatre as a double album, they decided it would be wiser to release two volumes in quick succession in order to allow fans time to fully digest each. This decision gave the 97’s an opportunity to polish the existing recordings, and to include a couple of brand-new songs, including the early audience favorite, “I’m A Trainwreck”, and “Perfume,” the first single planned from Vol. 2. “Perfume,” which could be described as a sequel to “The Dance Class”, a song found on Volume One, is a classic Miller character study, seemingly happy with a dark twist. An agoraphobic guy falls in love with a dancer who lives across the street. He finally gets her, but he’s trapped inside, jealously watching through the window as she lives it up. The moral of the story? Be careful what you wish for. An Old 97’s record would not be complete without a contribution from bassist Murry Hammond. The light-hearted “White Port” is a Monty Python-esque number complete with hilarious Pirate vocals.

Old 97’s, known for their vibrant live shows, continue to tour through the summer in support of The Grand Theatre Vol. 2. The dates will be a mix of headline shows and festivals including the Sasquatch Festival and Outside Lands.

The Grand Theatre Vol. 2 Track List:
1. Brown Haired Daughter
2. I’m A Trainwreck
3. Perfume
4. The Actor
5. No Simple Machine
6. White Port
7. Ivy
8. Manhattan (I’m Done)
9. Marquita
10. Bright Spark (See What I Mean)
11. Visiting Hours
12. How Lovely All It Was
13. You Call It Rain