You can listen to the full-band version of “Visiting Hours” and the rest of The Grand Theatre Vol. 2 streaming on

MARIE: Visiting Hours is the remake I’ve been most looking forward to hearing. I’m late to the Ranchero Brothers party, but from the minute I heard them play it on a YouTube video from one of the Christmas show at Sons of Herman Hall in 2009, I instantly took to this clever, old-school tale of drunken, youthful obsession and the bad decisions it inspires.

Happy Hour is almost over
Hope I can walk on my own power
I find your house/ I break your window/ I crash your bedroooooom
These are the visiting hours

One of my favorites from an album that is fraught with them, this retelling has a faster, juicier Old 97’s stamp on it than the original. And boy, does it NOT disappoint. It’s fantastic! The quicker cadence lends a welcomed level of recklessness to this shot and Shiner Bock of a tune. It’s yet another song by which I torture my coworkers with my constant humming. Clearly they suffer my love of all things Old 97’s. Ha Ha!

I live far from Texas, so chances are high I’ll never be treated to a Ranchero’s show (insert sad face here) that is, unless Paco and Flaco decide to hit the road in their down time. I know a great little place in Western PA that would be perfect por los Hermanos Rancheros. Just sayin’…

JEFF: The first time I saw the full track listing for TGTV2, I knew there’d be at least one song I’d love. (Aw, who’m I kidding, I knew there would be more than one, but you know what I mean.) I’ve been a fan of this song for years, since I discovered it in my heavy Old 97’s/Ranchero Brothers bootleg phase back in the early oughts. “Visiting Hours” was one of the first songs I learned to play on the guitar. I think I’ve even done it at an open mic back in the day.

So, yeah. This is classic Old 97’s to me, and it’s déjà vu all over again — a Ranchero Brothers song is a highlight of TGTV2, just like “Champaign, Il” on TGTV1. (Side note: once again, you really have to marvel at that lost Ranchero Brothers album, and the endless parade of 5-star tracks it would have been. Sigh.)

“Visiting Hours” is another reason I think old school fans will love this album as much as new converts. Like “Ivy,” even if you haven’t heard it before, it fits right in with the band’s catalog. And it feels right at home here on TGTV2.

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