A collection of reviews of The Grand Theatre Vol. 2:

The Salt Lake Tribune
“It is consistent, endlessly fun, and sounds great emanating from the opened sunroof of your car on a warm summer day, with a honky-tonk feel that still isn’t off-putting to those who say they hate country music.”

Washington Post

“…continues the Old 97s’ long winning streak with the sort of cavalier excellence that makes the arduous sound easy.”

Rolling Stone
3 1/2 stars
“…places Rhett Miller’s articulate, off-the-cuff songs right between the composure of the control room and the looseness of the barroom.”

Paste Magazine
“The Olds are still finding new ways to mix the country they love with the pop they love even more, and the result is a dusty sound that’s nervous and coiled, never laconic or casual like so many other Lone Star acts.”

USA Today
3 out of 4 stars
“As good as Miller’s songs are, guitarist Ken Bethea is the real attention-grabber, with a style that’s part trucker twang, part psychedelic garage, with a touch of surf-rock on instrumental ‘Marquita’.”

Nashville Scene
“…a welcome distillation of the band’s myriad charms.”