Old 97′s are proud to release The Grand Theatre Vol. 2, their ninth studio album, today via New West Records. TGTV2 features 13 brand new songs and is once again produced by Salim Nourallah (The Grand Theatre Volume One and Blame It On Gravity.)

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Download the first track — “Brown Haired Daughter” — for free on our media page.

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Everyone who tweets or posts this message to their Facebook wall today has a chance to win one of several autographed copies of the new CD:

New @old97s album is out today! Go get it: http://budurl.com/n9vc

New @Old 97’s album is out today! Go get it: http://budurl.com/n9vc
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Don’t forget that there’s a t-shirt design contest going on to celebrate the launch.

The full TGTV2 track listing, with a link to commentary on each song (from a mix of Murry and Ken and old97s.com site editors)

1. Brown Haired Daughter
2. I’m A Trainwreck
3. Perfume
4. The Actor
5. No Simple Machine
6. White Port
7. Ivy
8. Manhattan (I’m Done)
9. Marquita
10. Bright Spark (See What I Mean)
11. Visiting Hours
12. How Lovely All It Was
13. You Call It Rain