Back in July when the guys were playing a two-night stint at Brooklyn’s Bell House, legendary music chronicle, The Rolling Stone asked Rhett and Murry to stop by their offices for a quick interview and mini concert.

They played three songs including a cover from the early Beatles, I’ll Cry Instead. In the interview, Rhett discusses the novel quandary of having too much material for one album, how his solo tour with Steve Earle inspired his continued song-a-day writing streak and a recently penned, curse-fueled number bound to delight wreckers far and wide. Maybe one day he’ll throw it on the setlist just for grins.


Also of note:

The Atlantic Monthly is featuring excerpts from Rhett’s journal written during the days and weeks after the World Trade Center attacks of September 11 as part of next month’s 10 year commemorative issue. For those who are unaware, Rhett and Erica lived only a few blocks from the towers and literally ran for their lives when the first building fell. It promises to be compelling reading.

In addition, Mr. M has given the publication two unreleased tracks recorded with Jon Brion, Lovebird and She Loves the Sunset, which will be posted on their site. Something to look forward to indeed.

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